ARTICHOKE hosts regular photography exhibitions of local artists whose work deals with the Eastern European space. Limited edition prints signed by the artists are available to buy from ARTICHOKE. We can also arrange delivery anywhere in Europe.

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"Modernist Bucharest" is his photographic tribute to the amazing landscape of modernist architecture in Bucharest. It is on the one hand his way of expressing the aesthetics of this architecture and on the other hand a wake-up call regarding the level of degradation of these buildings and the urgency for their conservation.

This project is exclusively shot on 35mm film, as he considers this medium to be perfect for capturing and translating the beauty of modernism.

"Although I had a great inclination for and facility with drawing and a passion for ornament and decoration, I have now become the adept of a simple architecture, free of ornamentation, which, by the correctness of proportion and harmony of modeling, should give the fullest satisfaction to both eye and reason." - Duiliu Marcu, Romanian Modernist Architect



Starting from the ‘60s, the Romania’s urban landscape was completed with large collective housing units. In agreement with Communist propaganda, the flats have been designed following soviet models and have targeted hosting as much people as they could. Built from prefab concrete elements, the buildings have been criticised over time for their repetition and dullness regarding architectural expression. Nowadays, during thermal rehabilitations, the housing blocks are refurbished and receive new bright colours on facades, without being considered their previous appearance. The grey blocks become coloured by forcing an attempt to bring more personality. The styrofoam and coloured plaster look like a heavy make up while the flats preserve their low standard comfort from the past. Inspired by street front studies used in urban planning, photographs illustrating segments with streets and buildings are sticked together in a montage which recomposes the image of the large housing units. The result shows the uniformity of life which new man was forced to live. Like a visual remix, nowadays more and more elements arise overcrowding and changing the landscape in a continuous attempt of the contemporary man to constantly adapt living.


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